Friday, December 4, 2009

Good morning Malaysia . The skies seem rather clear today . On the plus side , its not too hot . Managed to get 8 hours of sleep last night . Something which rarely takes place . Prior to blogging this morning , i found this on the net . No , dont get me wrong . Im no sexist . I just thought maybe this would be good motivation to my fellow friends . Or soon to be--foes , hahahaha . Anyway , have a go at it . Save the war for later .

Girls always whine that there a million things guys do that are totally repulsive. But surprise! Surprise! Guys get turned-off too, and what's worse, most girls don't know have the slightest idea of what turns off guys. Men go for a certain type of girl as well. So to save yourself from more stress, here are the top five types of girls that are major turn offs for guys. Girls, avoid them at all cost.

  • The 24/7. Sometimes, when we're attracted to someone, we just can't help but be totally available and easy-to-get. We want to please him and make him like us as well so we become very vulnerable - forgetting that he should earn and work his way up to us. So hold on to your reins, sweetie. Play a little hard to get and let him know you got high value.
  • The whiners. If you plan to complain the whole night, better stay at home. Sure, the food service sucks, the weather is all screwed and the music is lame but you don't have to rant and ramble on them all night. To make it a perfect date, it's not all about these stuff - it's how you handle yourself in every situation. So give the guy a break and let him go bowling with his buddies instead.
  • The trash-talkers. Can't keep a rumor to yourself? Do you think you need to let this guy know who slept with whom last night? Do you think it's your job to update him who has a bad reputation and who are the best girls to date (well, yourself included). Better get someone to take you home, my dear. Chances are, your guy is already headed for that pretty brunette who knows how to shut up and mind her own business.
  • The giggly bunch. Giggling is cute but getting all chummy and giggling every five seconds in the presence of a guy is not only annoying - it's a definite turn-off. Gather your wits girl. Better learn the proper ways on how to flirt. Let him know you can take care of yourself and that he has to work his way up to you.
  • The damsels. Fishing for some compliments? You don't need to tell him your deepest darkest insecurities and worries - what do you expect? He'll give you a big hug, comfort you the entire night and whisper in your ear that you're one beautiful amazing girl and any guy would be crazy not to hook-up with you? That sounds pretty sweet but that doesn't cut it. Guys are more attracted to confident, independent girls when he does give you a big hug, comfort you the entire night and compliment you all the way, chances are he just wants to get laid.

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