Friday, December 4, 2009

I guess its back to basics for me . Pretty much had to stop blogging for a bit as i didnt have adequate time . Okay , so where shall we begin ? The holidays are pretty much on the way . Been keeping myself busy with the band , my health and not to forget friends and family . I must say , 2009 has been rather challenging . Ties are cut , emotions are wrecked , problems are never settled . Nothing is ever on the contrary . Things have been difficult no doubt . Tho , the mind has its own wonders . I never really have followed my heart . Can you tell me straight to the face tht im heartless ? or would you maybe swallow your words and try to solve the math after making tht decision ? That , remains unanswered . Im not looking for sympathy and such . I just need to express myself , and tell myself that it will all be fine . Ive never turned my back on faith . Faith is the motivation ive learned to preach . All that has been said and done are only words without actions . The outcome ? unpredictable . Can peace be restored ? can words ever justify my questions ? leaving all of that to the almighty is best . With such assurance , i know-ill find peace and comfort , within the little that i have .

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